ACDSee Fotoslate Photo Print Studio

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Advanced printing studio that's very easy to use


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ACDSee Fotoslate Photo Print Studio is an extraordinary tool to work with digital images because it allows you to create photo albums, calendars or greetings cards in a fast and easy way.

The users with less experience in the use of a computer will see that the project assistant is a perfect helper to let your creativity run loose and select the type of print you want to make. It's as simple as choosing the format of the pages and dragging the photos on the spaces reserved for them.

There's even more, if you don't like the templates included in ACDSee Fotoslate Photo Print Studio, you can create new ones thanks to the 'Page designer' tool, although it's also possible to modify the already existing ones.

You can also use ACDSee Fotoslate Photo Print Studio to add marks to the images, improve the quality of the photographs coming from the Internet, save paper by inserting various images in one sheet, etc.

Trial version lasts 30 days.

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